Our MTM Tis truly universal! It can be incorporated in anything that moves in a circular motion. This allows our efficient products to be used by the general public especially those with mobility issues and those that are physically challenged.

How are we different?

Our patented Motion Transfer Mechanism allows riders of all abilities to safely propel an object forward. Using an up-and-down stepping motion, instead of a traditional circular one, the mechanism allows the rider to apply 100 percent of the force to the pedal. This motion produces 30 percent more torque, significantly increasing power, speed, and safety, even for disabled individuals, amputees, and elderly riders.

We currently are in the process of providing the pulley-powered bicycle model. With further financial backing, we plan to start licensing our patented canoe, paddleboat, and three-wheeler.

What we develop will disrupt the industry and give all people the ability to experience the joy of human-powered movement without fear, pain or stress. To be part of the revolution of a $62 billion industry, contact the ARC287BC Corporation’s leadership team now.